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What we have created with our neem oil spray is a castor oil-based liquid that starts with the same familiar and commonly used essential oils. These carefully selected oils give off not only a very pleasant smell but, more importantly, they give us the instant knock-down that we need.

To this we have added much more firepower. You might say that the new spray is a Triple-Strength concept because we have also added copious quantities of Garlic Oil as the second powerhouse ingredient. These two weapons are followed by the generous addition of the oils of two trees from India: Neem and Karanja. These tropical trees are known to survive extremely well in all tropical climates (where parasites are everywhere) because no parasite can stand to be near these noxious phytochemicals. Neem and Karanja are actually fatal to parasites upon contact.

This combination, along with other natural and organic compounds that amplify the effects and stabilize the product, means that we can use this neem oil spray not only for all types of flies, including horn flies, face flies, stable flies, horseflies, but also mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting insects, as well as for winter lice, mange mites, and even the fungal parasite known as ringworm.

Directions for use:
Dilute with an oil to make up to 12 gallons of finished product. Can be used in livestock rub oilers and back-pack sprayers. Suitable for application directly on livestock and stall/parlor areas.

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