Grass Farmer Supply is now Holistic Livestock Supply!

Holistic Livestock Supply is the Midwest’s premier resource for finding the natural and holistic-approach supplements and products needed for raising healthy, profitable, and drug-free farm life. We specialize in products and consulting services that are useful for sustainable grass-fed and pastured animal production. Our greatest commitment is to the farmers/ranchers themselves. The men and women with their boots on the ground, working hard to create a food source that is nutrient-dense, humanely-raised and as wholesome as possible.

Holistic Livestock Supply, previously known as Grass Farmer Supply, opened in 2011 by a natural livestock consultant, livestock nutritionist and educator, Will Winter. The business was founded within the headquarters of Thousand Hills Cattle Company in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. Today, HLS has returned to its roots and is based out of Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed, located in Becker, Minnesota.

Cows in pasture

Our Mission: At Holistic Livestock Supply we aim to provide farmers with the tools to raise pastured animals holistically while reducing dependence on pharmaceuticals.