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Holistic Kit for All Calves

The Calf Kit contains the following unique items:
• 11# Sealed Pail of NB PDQ
• 1 50lb. Pail of Lassahol
• 1qt. of CW Lactic Culture
• 1qt. of JTR NUTRA-ADE
• 5lbs. of VITAMIN C Powder
• 40 oz. Bottle of Nature’s Green

(Shipped in two boxes.)

Ideally, (not possible when receiving sale barn cattle) we want to get them on the NB PDQ in the water for at least a week before shipping. Instead of vaccines, we recommend that every calf get 1 cc of Multi-Min 90/100# body weight and the same dose of Vitamin A & D (separate injections, both under the skin).

OPTIONAL (Upon Arrival):
We don’t recommend vaccines, but we recommend giving every immune-compromised incoming calf 1cc of Multi-Min 90/100# body weight and the same dose of Vitamin A & D (separate injections) but both under the skin. When in doubt, protect any calves that are weather-exposed or stressed.

For high-risk calves, we recommend an injection of 1cc of Immuno-Boost. It is optional to add NB PDQ to the water at a rate of 4 oz. per 100 gallons of drinking water. Offer free choice ACV and add molasses. The ratio can vary, but we recommend 80-90% molasses and 10-20% ACV.

Use Lassahol as the nutritive, vitamin, energy and protein supplement for all incoming animals. Use up to one ounce daily for adult animals and calves as little as 5cc’s daily. Keep a good, natural, prehistoric sea-salt available for free choice.

If scouring is a problem, give the affected animal 2-4cc’s of Nature’s Green (orally). If there is an outbreak, switch to the CW Lactic Culture Blend at a rate of .25 teaspoons, per animal, per day. It can be added to the water, or top-dressed to the feed. In most cases it is best to just give the animals 1/4 tsp, per head, daily, for 1-3 days.

Ideally, mix the Nature’s Green or the CW Lactic Culture Blend into JTR NUTRA-ADE. For newborns or little calves give 3-5 cc, bigger calves should receive 10cc’s daily.

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